Writing at Pennoweth

‘A word after a word after a word is power.’

— Margaret Atwood —

Writing is a major part of our curriculum offer at Pennoweth, from Nursery to Year 6. Through a continued focus on developing each child as a powerful writer, we provide children with many opportunities to develop and apply their writing skills to a range of genre, for a variety of audiences, purposes, and contexts.

We encourage children to develop a love of the subject and empower them to express their thoughts and ideas clearly and creatively through the written word. Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to experience and engage with a range of well-considered texts. These texts are the driver for each topic and enhance and further promote child engagement, ensuring appropriate depth and breadth to the learning.

Children are taught to plan, revise, edit and evaluate their writing, keeping the purpose and audience of each piece firmly in mind.

Progression in Writing
We have carefully mapped writing across the school for this year and next. This ensures that each child will have experience of writing for a wide range of purposes: to inform, to entertain and to persuade.
Click the link below to find the different types of writing the children will experiencing.

Curriculum Overview

Writing Progression


The culture of Pennoweth’s DNA fully supports and aids the teaching of Writing.

The consistent, procedural journey of teaching each different genre, from identification of features through to final drafts being written, ensures our children always feel safeand familiar with the writing process. Every child is included in every lesson and is supported and encouraged by adults and peers alike, ensuring they feel loved. Through selecting and using relevant features, manipulating sentence structure to ensure clarity, and editing their work, children are responsible for their own writing. Exciting and varied genres, linked to class texts, ensure children are interested and enthused in their learning; they can develop as efficient writers of the new genre types they encounter. We know our children are then ready as independent and successful writers who are able to apply their knowledge and skills for a range of writing purposes and audiences.

We are always proud to show off the brilliant writing taking place across the school. Please keep checking in here to see the latest uploads of fantastic examples of creative writing.

Writing Example1

Writing Example2

Writing Example3

Writing Example4

Writing Example5

Writing Example6