Special Educational Needs

The SEND and Pastoral Team

We have a strong SEND and Pastoral Team whose work is aimed at quickly addressing the needs of all our children.

Mrs Rowell is our Individual and Special Needs Co-ordinator.

Miss Morsley is our Learning Mentor

All children have a right to the best education possible.

Overall aim:

To support all children in reaching their full potential by reducing their barriers to learning in a safe atmosphere where everyone feels respected and valued. All children will:

  • Have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which may be differentiated or adapted to meet their needs and leads to levels of understanding and rates of progress which raise self esteem as well as giving a relevance and purpose to their learning.
  • Belong to a class where they feel part of a community.
  • Have equal access to resources, provisions and interventions.

SEN Policy.docx

SEN report to governors Nov 23

SEN Report Updated March 2024