Our PTA team
Our current PTA team (HELPP, Happy Extras for Little Pennoweth People) have worked very hard and have done a fantastic job for many years. Their hard work and dedication has resulted in very successful summer fairs, Christmas fairs and lots of other events. Not only are these events fun for our children and their families, they also raise a huge amount of money to benefit our children.
Over the past few years the PTA provided sand pits for both our playgrounds which provide great enjoyment for pupils throughout the school. With their help, we are also able to give our year six leavers a lovely hoody as a leaving gift.
During the pandemic, HELPP have continued to fund additional provision for our children.  From January 2022, they are back to planning fantastic events!
HELPP meet regularly to plan events and have social events such as coffee mornings to help encourage others to get involved.
If you are interested in helping please contact the office.