Punctuation, Grammar & Sentence Progression

A fundamental aspect of developing proficiency in writing is a strong focus on Punctuation and Grammar. The progressive teaching and learning of punctuation and grammar, with sessions taking place in every class each week, ensures that children’s knowledge and understanding is built upon year on year and revisited, further ensuring that children communicate their ideas effectively.

Click the links below to see the features of punctuation and grammar that your child will be learning this year.

Progression in Grammar and Punctuation

Year 1 expected grammar mat

Year 1 expected punctuation

 Year2 expected grammar mat

Year 2 expected punctuation

Year3 expected grammar mat

Year 3 expected punctuation

Year4 expected grammar mat

Year 4 expected punctuation

Year5 expected grammar mat

Year 5 expected punctuation

Year6 expected grammar mat

Year 6 expected punctuation

Documented sentence progression, based on the Alan Peat Sentence Progression materials, across the school ensures that children, as young writers, have the knowledge and understanding to develop as effective and proficient communicators.
Click the link below to find the different sentence types children will be focusing on each year.
Sentence Progression year 2 to 6