Mental Health & Wellbeing

Senior Mental Health Lead: Miss Crane
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It is incredibly important that we look after our own mental health and do things that impact positively on our emotional and physical wellbeing.
At Pennoweth, we understand that being safe and feeling loved are two huge drivers in having a healthy mind. If we do not feel safe and loved within the different communities that we belong to, they can become negative places to be. Understanding that we are each different, unique and wonderful enables us to take some responsibility for our own mental health. We all need help in our lives  at some point, but it is important to recognise this and take responsibility for trying to improve both our physical and mental wellbeing. We continue to learn every day about different strategies to keep our mental health in check and to become more mindful about the world around us. Each day is a fresh start to learn something new about ourselves or reflect on how to keep healthy. We hope that when our children leave Pennoweth in year 6, they feel ready to apply their knowledge of emotional and physical wellbeing into their daily lives, continue to look after their own mental health and to look after others.
Our Wellbeing Offer:
Below is phase 1 of Pennoweth’s Wellbeing Offer: this details everything we do that links to physical and mental wellbeing in school. Our offer is linked to our school’s DNA and we hope that, by the end of their time at Pennoweth, children’s bodies, minds and spirits are ready and prepared for what life is to bring.
Physical Wellbeing:
As part of our wellbeing offer this year, we have introduced ‘physical wellbeing’ as a lesson. This lesson occurs every week alongside children’s PE lesson and is specifically linked to both our overall wellbeing offer and our school’s DNA. Every child will be focusing on the same strand of our wellbeing offer and DNA at the same time, with lessons progressing the further up the school the children are. Please see below for our physical wellbeing lesson overviews.
Autumn 1 Physical wellbeing lesson progression
Autumn 2 Physical wellbeing lesson progression
Spring 1 Physical wellbeing lesson progression
Spring 2 Physical wellbeing lesson progression
Our Mental Health:
Please take a look some of the websites below for information on looking after your own mental health and wellbeing and see the poster that we display around school signposting you to any services you may find useful: