Trust Pupil Council

Each of the 16 schools in the Crofty Trust has their own school council which is really important for making sure that children are able to share their views on things that happen in their own school.
While everyone in each school is in their own school family, we are a bigger family too; joined by the fact that we are all part of one Trust.
So, the Trust Council will look at ways to work together to make things better for all children across the whole Trust.

To start we wanted to work on something that they knew everyone cares about a lot, waste and recycling.
All our schools work hard to try and protect the environment. Many of our schools have an Eco Council as well as the School Council (or the School Council deals with environmental issues as part of the work they do)

The aim is to reduce the amount of waste produced per pupil AND increase the amount of our waste that is recycled.

Please click on the Pdfs below to view the minutes of our meetings.

Trust Pupil Council – Mins 9th November 2023

Trust Pupil Council – Mins 4th May 2023

Trust Pupil Council – Mins 21st March 2023

Trust Pupil Council – Mins 31st January 2023

Trust Pupil Council – Mins 21st November 2022