RedYOUth is a community and youth group, based at Pennoweth Primary School.
We celebrate our 10 year birthday in 2020, marking an entire decade of watching the children and young people of Redruth and the surrounding areas grow into amazing members of our community.

RedYOUth was born out of stubbornness. A sheer refusal to believe that the only way to help young people in this town was to keep them inside their houses after 6pm. Operation Goodnight, an enforced curfew placed on North Close estate in 2008, was the spark that ignited RedYOUth. We strongly believe that in order to make lasting change and to ensure continued support for children and young people they need to be listened to, guided and engaged in productive, creative activity.

RedYOUth has evolved over the years but our model remains the same. During school term-time we run weekly street dance sessions for ages 3-16 during the evenings. We also run adult dance fitness classes too. During school holidays we broaden our horizons and offer activities suggested by our children throughout each term. Holiday club has so far seen RedYOUthers take part in art, sport, photography, fashion design, jewellery making, hiking, biking, nature trialing, ice-skating and more! (We’re still working on the ‘trip to the moon’ suggested by Molly T 6 years ago.)

In 2014, RedYOUth were invited to make Pennoweth Primary School our home. Since then we have been able to provide security and consistency for our large number of RedYOUthers and we will be forever grateful.

A huge part of RedYOUth has always been finances. We have a simple formula when it comes to money. RedYOUth is run by volunteers, and we keep our outgoings as small as possible, paying only qualified instructors and legal requirements such as insurance, rental and equipment costs. As such, we always charge families the absolute lowest possible price for sessions, and simply make enough money to cover our outgoings. This is intentional, we understand how expensive children’s activities can be and strive to ensure no family is excluded from redYOUth simply because of costs.

Magic happens at RedYOUth, we see three generations of the same family attending dance sessions, we ensure all children are not just included, but accepted and and thrive with us, we are invited to watch children who joined us at 6 years old get their GCSE results, we go and collect our teenagers when they’re in situations they can’t quite handle alone, we work hard to be our community’s safe space.

If you would like to find out more, find us on Facebook or have a chat with Miss Bray!